A range of highly dispersed pigments in the reactive polyol carriers.
PIGMAPERSE - S color paste are designed especially for the colouration of polyurethane slab-stock based on polyether polyol systems. The pastes are very finely dispersed pigments in low viscosity polyol, which has reactive hydroxyl groups, and react with the polyurethane systems.
A limited quantity of monomeric plasticizers, used as pasting agent in color pastes, as they negatively influence the hardness, permanent set and pore structure of polyurethane foams when used in high concentrations.

Product NameC.I. ReferenceChemical TypePigment %Light Fastness
Full ShadeTint
PIGMAPERSE Yellow KB-SYellow 12Disazo2043-4
PIGMAPERSE Yellow GR-SYellow 13Disazo2054
PIGMAPERSE Yellow R-SYellow 83Disazo206-76
PIGMAPERSE Orange GL-SOrange 13Disazo205-63-4
PIGMAPERSE Red 2B-SRed 48:2Monoazo2064
PIGMAPERSE BLUE BG-SBlue 15:3Phthalocyanine1588
PIGMAPERSE Green G-SGreen 7Phthalocyanine2088
PIGMAPERSE Black B-SBlack 7Carbon Black1088