Pigmaperse® PL

PIGMAPERSE-PL plasticizer dispersions have been developed for the coloration of flexible PVC, polyurethane foam and other resin systems.
They are typically based on DINP or DOTP.

During mechanical processing, pigment agglomerates are broken down to wet-out individual particles and maximize the tinctorial strength of the pigment.
Phthalate ester plasticizers provide good permanence, low temperature flexibility, and good heat and light stability for polyvinyl chloride and other thermoplastic resins.

Product NameC.I. ReferenceChemical TypePigment %Light Fastness
Full ShadeTint
PIGMAPERSE Yellow PLYellow 12Disazo2043-4
PIGMAPERSE Yellow G-PLYellow 13Disazo2054
PIGMAPERSE Orange G-PLOrange 13Disazo305-63-4
PIGMAPERSE Red 2B-PLRed 48:2Monoazo3064
PIGMAPERSE BLUE BG-PLBlue 15:3Phthalocyanine2088
PIGMAPERSE Green G-PLGreen 7Phthalocyanine3088
PIGMAPERSE Black PLBlack 7Carbon Black3088