PIGMATINT range are designed for in-plant tinting production use.
PIGMATINT colorants have been formulated to meet the performance of architectural paints. The range satisfies key performance requirements such as light fastness, accuracy pastels, opacity and cost effectiveness.
PIGMATINT colorants ensure accuracy and reproducibility at the point-of-sale as well as in-plant tinting.
Product NameC.I. ReferenceChemical TypePigment %Light Fastness
Full ShadeTint
PIGMATINT Yellow 10 GYellow 3Monoazo4577
PIGMATINT Yellow GYellow 74Monoazo4065
PIGMATINT Oxide Yellow FYellow 184Bismuth Vanadates4588
PIGMATINT Yellow LHYellow 138Quinophthalone4287-8
PIGMATINT Yellow RYellow 83Disazo356-76
PIGMATINT Oxide Yellow CTYellow 42Iron Oxide5788
PIGMATINT Oxide Yellow DTYellow 42Iron Oxide6588
PIGMATINT Orange ROrange 5Monoazo4565
PIGMATINT Orange RFOrange 73Diketopyrrolopyrrole367-87
PIGMATINT Red GRed 112Monoazo4075
PIGMATINT Red DPRed 254Diketopyrrolopyrrole407-87-8
PIGMATINT Magenta ERed 122Quinacridone2587-8
PIGMATINT Oxide Red GTRed 101Iron Oxide6188
PIGMATINT Oxide Red BTRed 101Iron Oxide5388
PIGMATINT Violet RViolet 23Carbazole307-87
PIGMATINT Blue GBlue 15:3Phthalocyanine5088
PIGMATINT Green GGreen 7Phthalocyanine5288
PIGMATINT Black BBlack 7Carbon Black4088
PIGMATINT White NWhite 6Titanium Dioxide6588