Universal colorants for automatic tinting applications.
PIGMATINT U range are binder free multipurpose pigment preparations of pourable consistency based on wetting and dispersing agents. They are compatible with aqueous and non-aqueous paints.
These colorants have excellent repeatability, reproducibility and specially designed pourable and pumpable pigment preparations for the ease and accuracy of using them in automatic tinting machines.
They are compatible with most of the available binder systems, but, this should be checked by trials prior to use

Product NameC.I. ReferenceChemical TypePigment %Light Fastness
Full ShadeTint
PIGMATINT Yellow G-UYellow 74Monoazo2265
PIGMATINT Yellow R-UYellow 83Disazo406-76
PIGMATINT Oxide Yellow DT-UYellow 42Iron Oxide5488
PIGMATINT Yellow LH-UYellow 138Quinophthalone1587-8
PIGMATINT Red GT-URed 112Monoazo2075
PIGMATINT Oxide Red GT-URed 101Iron Oxide6188
PIGMATINT Oxide Red BTRed 101Iron Oxide5388
PIGMATINT Violet BR-UViolet 23Carbazole57-87
PIGMATINT Blue G-UBlue 15:3Phthalocyanine2788
PIGMATINT Green G-UGreen 7Phthalocyanine2088
PIGMATINT Black BT-UBlack 7Carbon Black1088
PIGMATINT White N-UWhite 6Titanium Dioxide6588