Film Lamination Binders

Product NameChemical
Total Solids
Tg *
KEMILINE PV 350AC502,0 - 4,5Max. 100-36<0Film laminations
KEMILINE ST 211AC554,0 - 7,0500 - 2000-22<0Film laminations
KEMILINE ST 319AC604,0 - 7,0500 - 2000-22<0Pressure Sensitives adhesives,
Floor/Wall coverings
KEMILINE ST 137VA/AC654,0 - 7,0200 - 900-40<0Sealants, Pressure Sensitives
adhesives,Floor/Wall coverings
KEMILINE SS 333S/AC603,0 - 6,0Max. 600-30<0Film laminations, Tapes, Labels
KEMILINE PS 270AC557,0 - 9,0Max. 600-45<0Film laminations
KEMILINE PS 220AC527,5 - 9,5Max. 600-45<0Film laminations
KEMILINE PS 350AC538,5 - 10,0Max. 600-43<0Film laminations
KEMILINE PS 310AC556,0 - 8,0Max. 600-21<0Food contact lamination
KEMILINE PS 290AC408,0 - 9,5Max. 2003226Film laminations
KEMILINE PS 270AC557,0 - 9,0Max. 600-45<0Packing tapes, Pressure sensitive
adhesives, Labels
KEMILINE PS 220AC527,5 - 9,5Max. 600-45<0Packing tapes, Pressure sensitive
adhesives, Labels
KEMILINE PS 350AC538,5 - 10,0Max. 600-43<0Low noise packing tapes,
Pressure sensitive adhesives
KEMILINE PS 310AC556,0 - 8,0Max. 600-21<0Paper labels
KEMILINE PS 290AC408,0 - 9,5Max. 2003226Packing tapes, Pressure
sensitive adhesives, Labels
KEMILINE CM 553VA/AC534,0 - 8,0Max. 600043Heat Seal adhesives
KEMILINE PS 210PVA506,0 - 8,0Max. 35000213Heat Seal adhesives
KEMILINE PS 230PVA506,0 - 8,0Max. 5500025-3Heat Seal adhesives
KEMILINE PS 240PVA505,0 -7,0Max. 850003515Heat Seal adhesives

İtalic characters coded products are under development
(*): These are typical properties of the emulsions and should not be considered as specifications. Certificates of the analysis (COA) are available upon request.
AC: Pure Acrylic CopolymersVA/AC: Vinyl Acrylic CopolymersViscosity: Brookfield viscosity, mPa.s
S/AC: Styrene Acrylic CopolymersVA/Veova: Vinyl Acetate / Veova CopolymersTg (ºC): Glass transition temperature
PVA: Poly Vinyl Acetate PolymersVV/AC: Vinyl Versatate / Acrylic therpolymerMFFT (ºC): Minimum film formation temperature