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KEMÝTEKS® produces and supplies water- based pigment dispersions for textile pigment printing and dyeing industries. Apart from the textile industry, pigment dispersions are also commonly used in other sectors alongside reactive and disperse dyes. Kemiteks PIGMACOLOR pigments offer a remarkably superior fastness and simplicity in its application when compared to other products.

KEMÝTEKS® supplies a complete set of necessary chemicals for the textile printing industry. This set is divided into two groups: one which includes pigments, dyes, binders, thickeners (natural and synthetic); and the other which includes auxiliary chemicals for pretreatment and dyeing applications.

Pigment Printing Range

Pigment Dyeing RangeTextile

Reactive Dyes for Printing

Disperse Dyes for Printing And Dyeing

Thickeners for Printing

Auxiliaries for Pretreatment & Dyeing

Auxiliaries for Printing

Textile Coating Range