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Dispersing Agents

Product Name Chemical Composition Total Solids (+/-1) pH Value Viscosity  (Cps) Applications
DISPERSANT A PA 42 7,0 - 8,0 MAX.1000 Dispersing agent 
KEMILINE MAP 30 PA 30 8,5 - 10,5 MAX. 350 Dispersing agent 
Ýtalic characters coded products are under development      
(*): These are typical properties of the emulsions and should not be considered as specifications. Certificates of the analysis (COA) are available upon request.
AC: Pure Acrylic Copolymers VA/AC: Vinyl Acrylic Copolymers Viscosity: Brookfield viscosity, mPa.s
S/AC: Styrene Acrylic Copolymers VA/Veova: Vinyl Acetate  / Veova Copolymers Tg (0C): Glass transition temperature
PVA: Poly Vinyl Acetate Polymers VV/AC: Vinyl Versatate  / Acrylic therpolymer MFFT (0C): Minimum film formation temperature
PA: polyacrylic polymers AA/MA : Acrylic Acid-Butyl Methacrylate Copolymer