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About Kemiteks

KEMİTEKS® is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals operating with three business units: Polymer Emulsions, Pigment Dispersions and Auxiliary Chemicals for the textile, paint and construction industries.

Our manufacturing process is 100% automated. Our products are distributed via our agents / distributers to numerous countries around the world; including nations located in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle-East and South America.

Our consistent production quality and full customer satisfaction approach have been our major tools in achieving our successful business results.

ISO 9001 procedures are applied for all stages of order-processing, raw-material stocking, production, technical service and shipment processes for full customer satisfaction.  

The industries we serve are as follows:

Paint - Coatings, Construction, Inks, Artist Paints. Nonwoven, Flocking, Textile, Carpet Industry, Glass Fiber, Paper, Wallpaper, Latex - Rubber, Concrete, Leather, Shoe Adhesives, Sponges, Wood, Soap Coloring, Paper and Seed Coloring.      

Our R&D department continues to develop new and better products for the industries we serve.                   

Kemiteks was founded in 1993. As one of the largest Turkish chemical companies at its fields, it continues its investments on capacity - growth and additional engineers for technical service and product design, reaching out to different sectors with new products.

Having one of the biggest production facilities in Turkey, our manufacturing process is fully automated. This facilitates the implementation of environmental, human health and industrial safety rules & regulations. Our facility also has a waste-water treatment plant and an advanced fire-protection system.                                   
The headquarters, main production facilities, technological center and logistics offices are located in Hadimkoy / Istanbul (Turkey), about 25 kms from the Atatürk International Airport.                                
Our products are utilized in the following industries:
Textile, Leather, Oil, Photo-curing, Coatings, Paper, Ceramics, Cosmetics, Detergents, Agro, PVC, Paint and Construction                            

Research and Development:     
Kemiteks employs top quality engineers, scientists and technicians and is dedicated to achieve the following three goals:

1. Technical service: We support customers in using our products by providing comprehensive, tailored advice and giving access to our development resources.                             
2. New product development: The development and a successful introduction of new products are fundamental to our consistent growth. New products demanded by the markets are launched by minor adjustments of product properties and / or the development of radically new solutions. The development of new products is lead by multifunctional teams while being closely supported and managed by the respective business unit.                          
3. Background science: Kemiteks has steadily invested in the development of a stronger scientific approach to underpin its applications successfully for designing & introducing new products.                                  

Kemiteks has approximately 95 employees working in Production, R&D, Sales and Services.

Kemiteks has obtained the International Quality Certification (ISO 9001) in 2000 through a policy of "quality comes first" and aiming for complete customer satisfaction with a fast / accurate service,

Safety and Environment:
We are fully committed to follow and implement the safety and environmental legislations enforced.
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